Day Minus 1

And so it begins. The process officially started yesterday on what they call ‘Day – 1’. So, high dose of well-trained Chemo agent in, and on its way to perform its rebooting mission. So far so good. Nestled up in Room 609, in the exceptional ‘Cotton Rooms’. Holding tight, and staying calm. Let the ride begin.

It’s a very strange experience to be peering out in to 3 weeks of so many could’s and might be’s, so far as the side effects of this procedure are concerned. In the face of such dark uncertainty, the right attitude of self-belief and determination becomes of seismic importance. (Perhaps that truism is the same for life in general?)

Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 12.59.42 PM

So it’s not without a warm sense of comfort that I finally find myself exercising the central reason behind this blog. Exploring, and proving the healing and wellness potential of embracing my Agent of Calm, in the face of arguably the biggest physical and emotional challenge I’ll ever face.


  • Find the Light and Gratitude for every experience
  • Find and worship my breath through a regular yoga and meditation routine (leads to ‘everything’ good)
  • Pursue a life built on passion and purpose 
  • Banish fear and always – as much as I can –  respond to everything with Love

So far so good. And with my Guardian Angel beside me, I’m invincible.

Peace and Calm






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