Look. Clear. Sing. (Note book post 13.12.13)

(Dubai. City Hospital. Some time past 2 a.m)

“Victory over others might bring us satisfaction. But victory over ourselves, certainly brings us joy.” anon

That one get’s him thinking. ‘12 and ‘13 have been bunker years. No quarrel. A holding pattern for a reluctant member of the wait-and-see generation. Sobered up by the anxiety of his world that could no longer keep up with itself. Cobbled by natures most cruelest mistake.

But he can’t help sensing a change on the horizon. A taming of his collective beasts, and some much-needed time and space to get out of the way of himself, and look up again.  

We live now in a world of versions, updates, channels, platforms, likes, shares, doubts, hopes ans cultural misdirection. Floored and blinded daily by our technology and feverish multi-tasking. Shovelled up and tuned back in by our hopes and dreams; the dazzling architecture of our individuality.

So if those that innovate to be heard continue to thrive in the jungle, then ‘14 will be a time for looking up, clearing throats and singing freely in the key of life. Again.

I’ll get through this.


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